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Advantage of Panel Light


Advantage of LED Slim Panel from Green Canada LED


1) High Quality Materials


Compared with the ordinary panel lights, we choose materials carefully, Green Canada LED use of imported 3mm light guide plate, light guide uniform, the light transmittance is much higher than the ordinary material of the light guide plate, reaching 95%; outer frame by the high quality Anodizing process, rugged appearance, there will be no fading embarrassment; lamps from the aluminum extruded shape, shape lightweight, simple, the atmosphere, both good lighting effects, but also adds a non-illegal and upholstery And sense of beauty.


2) Win in performance


Some panel lights on the market may use ordinary SMD chip as a light source, which may be “coping” for a short period of time in terms of illuminance, light color, and service life, but the defects of the light source are exposed after a long time. However,we use imported high-efficiency lamp beads, the color value of up to 80%, while saving more than 80%. In addition, the built-in waterproof power supply, high efficiency, high power factor, long life; controllable optional SCR, 1-10V, DALI.


3) Anti-glare Design with Curve Panel


“Glare” is a poor lighting phenomenon that produces “glare” when the light source is extremely bright or the difference in brightness between the background and the center of the field of view is large. The “glare” phenomenon not only affects the viewing, but also is one of the important causes of visual fatigue. However,all Slim panel lights from Green Canada LED are designed based on Health Life. All panels are offered with a Curve Line on the panel instead of the Flat Panel. Curve Panel are our main advantage,which will be used to Prevent glare. It will be the best way to protact our eyes and make sure the health life.


4) Energy Saving


From the green lighting design considerations, LED panel lamp materials, environmental protection, low power consumption, can effectively save energy. The light emitted by the uniform, but also improve the utilization of light, which is gradually replaced by T8 fluorescent light source grille lamp.


5) Fast and Easy Installation


All of our panel lights are designed and installed in strict accordance with CSA requirements, taking into account Canadian electrical installation conditions and installation environment. To achieve non-destructive installation, without the use of tools, simple and efficient installation.

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