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Lights generate a lot of heat during working and that heat needs to go somewhere. If you don’t want to set your ceiling on fire, it’s important to know when you can use non-IC rated downlights and when you need IC rated fixtures. So what is the difference? 

      When a light fixture is to be placed in a ceiling filled with insulation, it requires an insulated contact (IC) rated fixture. An IC rated fixture “shall be permitted to be in contact with combustible material or blanketed with thermal insulation”, according to the Canadian Electrical Code section 30-906.  IC-rated fixtures can be used in either insulated or uninsulated ceilings. All Slim Panel lights from Green Canada LED are equipped with JUNCTION BOX, which is definitely agree with the requirements of IC RATED.This way the insulation in the ceiling can rest directly against the metal without becoming a fire hazard.

     Non IC-rated require at least 3 inches of space between the metal and the ceiling insulation. Non-IC rated downlights are often used in remodels and ceilings without insulation, such as unfinished attics, unless you’re feeling ambitious and want to rip out your ceiling. These units have a single can design that requires an air pocket to dissipate heat. They are less expensive than IC rated fixtures. 

   All recessed fixtures are to be installed to the standards set in the Canadian Electrical Code as well as local regulations of your municipality. Over the years, these fixtures have undergone improvement to ensure their safety, efficiency and ease of installation.

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