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Which Color Light Works for me?

1. What is Color Light?

The color of the light source. By convention, yellow-red colors (like the flames of a fire) are considered warm, and blue-green colors (like light from an overcast sky) are considered cool.

Correlated color temperature is measured in Kelvin (K) degrees. We have 3000K(warm light),4000K(Natural Light) and 5000K(Cool Light) available.

3000K-close to candle light. It imparts a clear, white light with very little red or blue tones.

4000K-It imparts a clear, white light with very little red or blue tones, but appears more “cooler” than halogen light.

5000K-It is in the low range of blue color, similar to ice. Hence, the “cool” adjective.


3000K: widely used in bedrooms , coffee shops hotels and sweet environments  which need warm light;

4000K: Used in homes with a need of a natural lighting atmosphere.

5000K: Used in offices, working areas, shopping malls and other commercial areas that needs super bright lighting.


3.Color Temperature Can Affect the Way Things Look in Your House

If you decorate with reds, browns, and oranges, you want to illuminate these rooms with lights that have a color temperature in the 2750~3000K range.

Conversely, if you happen to like green or blue colors, light these rooms with bulbs that produce color temperatures of 4000K or above.


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